Cong will do well in Kerala, no threat to TC tie-up in WB: PM

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New Delhi, Feb 16 (PTI) Prime Minister Manmohan Singhtoday voiced confidence that Congress will perform well in theelection-bound states of Assam, Kerala and Tamil Nadu andthere will be no danger to his party''s alliance with TrinamoolCongress in West Bengal.

Asked about the possibility of winning in Tamil Naduwhere Congress is supporting a DMK government from outside,Singh said, "I am not an astrologer" but hastened to add thathe hopes that the ruling coalition will win.

A general view is that the DMK-led alliance is facing anuphill task in view of the controversy generated by 2GSpectrum issue and subsequent arrest of former TelecomMinister A Raja, who is from DMK.

Singh, was, however very confident about party''s pollprospects in Left-ruled Kerala as well as in Assam, whereCongress has been in power for last two terms.

"I have just come back from Kerala. Congress party hasa very good chance of returning to power there. I think windsof change are blowing that way. I hope that the change willmaterialise," Singh said when asked about the poll prospectsof Congress.

To a question on whether the party would be able to scorea hat-trick in Assam in the assembly election, the PrimeMinister said," Well I hope, I think they should do."

He added, "Government of Assam has done very well. Thefact that peace process (with ULFA) in Assam is going forwardis another factor which will strengthen the ruling partythere."

Replying to questions on the possibility of issues likeprice rise creating tension between Congress and TrinamoolCongress in West Bengal, which goes to polls this year, Singhsaid,"as far as our coalition partners in this alliance areconcerned, ours is a strong coalition."

The Prime Minister said, "Our alliance is as committed tostrengthening the hands of the coalition government as anyother alliance partner. There is no danger that there may beany tension that can lead to break-up of this coalition. Weare a strong coalition, a strong government and our coalitionpartner are with us."

"Left is no longer our alliance partner," was his tersecomment when asked about the possibility of re-aligning withthe Left.

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