Genuine practitioners will not dilute traditional system

Posted By: Pti
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Coimbatore,Feb14 (PTI) Admitting that a few Ayurvedapractitioners were in the habit of administering someallopathy medicine, a leading Ayurveda doctor from Keralatoday said the genuine practitioner will add value to thesystem rathen than ''diulting'' it.

Referring to a specific question on the allegations aboutAyurveda practitioners using allopathy medicine, Dr SSajikumar, Managing Director, Dhathri Ayurveda Ltd, toldreporters that his was a 300-year old traditional company ofKerala.

"We wanted to value add to the sytem (Ayurveda) ratheEthan diluting.. a few were attempting to dilute thetradition," Sajikumar, said.

Sajikumar was here to launch ''Dhathri Abs Clinic, first inTamil Nadu,which was opened by up and coming actress AmalaPaul.

Dhathri Abs is a wellness clinic that comprised ayurveda,beauty and slimming and yoga under one roof, he said.

An initiative by Dhathri Ayurveda, the clinic specialisedin treating obesity, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension,migraine, and also provide overall beauty solutions related toweight, hair and skin, Sajikumar said.

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