MEA explains Krishna''s gaffe at the UN

Posted By: Pti
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New Delhi, Feb 12 (PTI) Explaining the gaffe ofExternal Affairs Minister S M Krishna at the United Nations,his Ministry today said the initial parts of all formaladdresses there contain similar references and that he madesubstantive remarks from his prepared text.

"The initial parts of all formal addresses containsalutation and courteous references. While addressing the UNSCyesterday, the Minister used such expressions from the addressof the previous speaker before moving to his prepared text forsubstantive remarks," the official spokesperson said.

"The Minister went on to make a well-receivedstatement where he highlighted the relevance of the Indiansuccess story to international efforts to meet the challengesof development, peace and security," the statement said.

Krishna was caught in a public gaffe when heinadvertently read out the speech of the Portuguese Ministerat a UN Security Council meeting here but rectified the errorafter an Indian official drew his attention.

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