BJP says PM has admitted failure,warns of Egypt-like situation

Posted By: Pti
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New Delhi, Feb 5 (PTI) The BJP today said by admittingthat corruption and inflation were a problem, Prime MinisterManmohan Singh has accepted the opposition charge of hisfailure on these fronts and cautioned that if timely actionwas not taken India may soon witness an Egypt-like agitation.

"We appreciate and understand the agony of the PrimeMinister expressed in his speech at the conference of ChiefSecretaries. Perhaps he forgot that he is the ruler and not aLeader of the Opposition. Whom was he expressing this pain andanguish to?" BJP spokesperson Tarun Vijay said.

He contended that by accepting that inflation andcorruption were a problem, the "Chief Executive (PM)" hasaccepted the charges levelled against him by the BJP and theopposition.

"Was he talking to people from Mars or Saturn? Or tothe people of India? An acceptance or an apology for not beingable to do what the people had expected of him in the last sixand a half years. A lame duck excuse for doing nothing for theissues that he raised- corruption, inflation," Vijay said.

He alleged that Congress President Sonia Gandhi wasacting as a "Super Prime Minister" and should also be heldresponsible for the state of affairs.

Vijay maintained that corruption and inflation werenot a gift from some "extra-terrestrial people.

"This is a creation of the Manmohan Singh government.

Dr Manmohan Singh''s governance, being controlled by SoniaGandhi, will be known in history which created a situationwhen the wealth of India was looted more than what the Britishdid to us," Vijay said.

He insisted that the Prime Minister''s "anguish" makesno sense now.

"For the first time he has accepted that there iscorruption and the people are very, very angry with this kindof governance. The time will not be very far when angry,frustrated and driven to the wall, the people of India wouldcreate a bigger and more aggressive agitation against the desiHosni Mubarak''s than what we see in Cairo today," Vijay said.

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