Madhya Pradesh is misusing govt money, alleges Digvijay Singh

Posted By: Ani
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New Delhi, Feb 5 (ANI): Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh assailed Madhya Pradesh Government of "misusing government money" for "disinformation campaign against Christians and minorities.

Talking to reporters on the sideline of a book release here, Singh said: "On the one hand Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan wants to go on hunger strike saying he has no money but on the other hand I have got the information that a sum of Rs 150 crore was spent on Narmada Kumbh."

He asked, "What was the purpose behind it?"

"The government money is being spent in Narmada Kumbh for disinformation campaign against Christians and minorities. This is outrageous and the government of India must take note of it," he said

Stressing on this aspect, he urged the Central Government to take a note of these trends.

"The government's money is being spent in Narmada Kumbh. I think it is outrageous and Government of India must take note of that," he said.

He also slammed Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and expressed concern over "Sanghi" terrorism.

Referring to reported findings of Special Investigating Team (SIT) probing the Gujarat riots that no records, documentations or minutes of the crucial law and order meetings held by the government during the riots had been kept, Singh said it is a "criminal offence" and needs to be probed thoroughly "at whose insistence it was done".

"If SIT has found some incriminating evidence against the chief minister (Narendra Modi) and from what I have seen in the media, I believe that incriminating records have been destroyed or tampered with, it's a criminal offence in itself and it needs to be thoroughly probed at whose insistence it was done," he added. (ANI)

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