Political uncertainty in Nepal to end soon, says Bhattarai

Posted By: Pti
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Mumbai, Jan 13 (PTI) Nepal''s top Maoist leader BaburamBhattarai today expressed hope that the political uncertaintyin his country will end soon and the Himalayan nation willhave a democratic set up with real participation from thedeprived class.

"We will soon start the 17th round to elect a PrimeMinister in consultation with the political parties, and thenhave a new Constitutional set up," he told reporters here.

The small country has so far had 16 unsuccessfulrounds of voting to elect a new government. It is being run bya caretaker government for over six months following PremierMadhav Kumar Nepal''s resignation on June 30, 2010 underintense Maoist pressure.

The Maoist leader emphasised on forming a new model ofdemocracy in Nepal which would have participation of the poor,working class, peasants and Dalits.

"May 20th is the last date to draft a new Constitutionand we are positive about evolving a new model which wouldsuit our nation. We are also studying the government set up inneighbours like India and Bangladesh. Our efforts would be togive due share to the deprived sections in the Constitution,"he said.

The former Nepal Minister also hinted at thepossibility of an army coup if the process of drafting a newconstitution is not completed within the stipulated time.

The Maoist leader is in the city for two days andwould address the 3rd Anuradha Ghandy Memorial Lecture at K CCollege tomorrow.

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