MMS sex clip: BPO workers vexed by stereotypes

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Gurgaon Cell Centre Sex Scandal
New Delhi, Aug 25: BPO employees are vexed by the surfacing of an MMS clip that is now become popular as the 'Gurgaon call centre sex scandal' as it has further solidified the stereotypical notions of call centres and its employees.

"Just because I work for a call centre doesn't mean I am available," a BPO employee Working in Gurgaon, Ritika, told a popular tabloid.

"There are days and night shifts everywhere and those employed are also young professionals. Every company has one or two such cases. But it wouldn't be wise to label all BPO employees as those with loose morals," she is quoted as saying in Mid-Day.

Another call centre employee Sohrab Khan, said, "It is common belief that call center employees, mostly in early twenties, get intimate while working late night shifts. But this is not true.

"Now most of the companies have started monitoring their employee activities at night. Companies also take disciplinary actions. Mostly, they fire those employees who engage in such activities at work."

Explaining the stereotyping of the BPO employees, psychiatrist, Dr Sanjay Chugh told the publication, "There is a common belief that the sex epidemic in India especially among call center girls and guys is rising at astronomical heights. The reason behind this is those working in these sectors are young with a lot of disposable incomes. "

"They don't have any liability and have a different living style which fascinates many. So whenever this term is used, it immediately catches the attention of many people. But not all MMS could be associated with some high profile people. So this term is used to create maximum impact," he is quoted as adding in the report published on Wednesday, Aug 25.

The 'Gurgaon call centre sex scandal' MMS clip was uploaded on the internet recently. It apparently shows a supervisor having sex with his subordinate.

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