Japanese man makes android version of himself!

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Washington, April 3 (ANI): A roboticist at Japan's Osaka University has created an android version of himself.

Hiroshi Ishiguro has built many robots, but his latest aren't run-of-the-mill automatons, with them looking like normal people.

Ishiguro controls his mechanical doppelganger remotely, through his computer, using a microphone to capture his voice and a camera to track his face and head movements.

When Ishiguro speaks, the android reproduces his intonations and when he tilts his head, the android follows suit.

In "The Man Who Made a Copy of Himself," IEEE Spectrum profiles one of the world's most brilliant-and controversial-android makers.

Ishiguro has built android copies of a child, a woman, and now, himself.

He's using them to explore some of the most pressing questions in human-robot interaction. What do people expect from robots? What social behaviours should they exhibit? And how do we get their look right? (ANI)

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