Farisa Siddiqui wants cricketer Malik to divorce daughter in public

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Hyderabad, Apr 3 (ANI): Farisa Siddiqui, who claims Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik is married to her daughter Ayesha Siddiqui, has insisted on a legal divorce for her offspring.

The Siddiquis claim that Shoaib Malik married their daughter Ayesha in 2002, but has not divorced her till date. Shoaib, on the other hand, has denied being married to Ayesha.

Farisa termed Malik a 'cheat' and said that they want him to formally divorce their daughter before marrying Sania Mirza. Reacting to certain comments made by Shoaib Malik's brother-in-law Imran Zafar, Farisa Siddiqui said her family is not after money from Shoaib Malik but only wished that their daughter Ayesha leads a life of contentment, free from emotional agony after Indian tennis star Sania Mirza proposed to marry him.

She said Zafar stayed at their place on his visit to Hyderabad, adding that he had mockingly quipped about girls in Hyderabad, and if so, why was Shoaib again looking at Hyderabad for a wife!

The Siddiqui family claims Indian tennis star Sania Mirza would be Shoaib's second wife if they go ahead with the marriage.

"My daughter said nothing. Just a legal thing, I have given divorce, publicise on the TV so everybody can listen. We are not after money. We are not cheats. He is a cheat. Imran Malik (Zafar rother-in-law of Shoaib), what he told me...we had given him all the rooms. We showed him Charminar, we showed Lake Road, we showed everything," said Farisa Siddiqui.

"He said on TV there are so many pretty girls but in Hyderabad, I do not see any, I see all black faces. That was his comment. Then why did he come to Hyderabad to choose a girl again? His mother spoke to me when my mother died. She was consoling me. Is it possible? He wanted this in public?" added Siddiqui.

Shoaib's brother-in-law Imran Zafar is reported to have rubbished the Siddique's claims and said that they don't have proof to prove that Shoaib is married Ayesha, to which Farisa said that they are cross questioning them because they are in doubt.

The Siddiqui family has reportedly released pictures of Shoaib-Ayesha's Nikahnama. The document shows the Nikah (marriage) was performed on June 3, 2002.

"They asked for my daughter's photograph. What is it? If I give another photograph then again Imran will say it's fake. Every time he is cross-questioning us only when he is in doubt. When he is in doubt, he is questioning us and calling us cheats," said Farisa.

An agitated Farisa also said that she is thankful her daughter did not go to Sialkot in Pakistan, the hometown of Malik, as anything could have happened to her over there.

"He is making my daughter cry. Now, we are thankful, we say thank God if she would have gone to Sialkot, God knows what will happen. They would have...Imran is such a liar. He will say she died of diabetes. He would have said that," said Farisa Siddiqui.

In an outburst, she also said they were forced to come out in public, after Malik denied marriage.

"When we asked for a divorce, he refused (saying) he did not marry at all. Four or three years back, it happened. When we wanted a divorce, give us divorce, he said he did not marry," added Siddiqui.

Farisa further said that Ayesha has stayed within the four walls of their home for years and that they feared she would psychologically be affected.

"What she wants, my daughter wants a divorce in public eye because harassment has been done. Since two or three years, she is (under) house arrest. She does not go out. She does not have a party because he has harassed her so much. We were so worried that she will become psychic," she said.

The Siddiquis have reportedly sent a defamation notice to Shoaib Malik and his brother-in-law for harassment, fraud and character assassination.

The wedding ceremony of both Shoaib Malik and tennis star Sania Mirza will reportedly take place in April, while the Walima (reception) will be hosted by Shoaib on April 16 or 17 in Lahore. (ANI)

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