India, China working together is the need of the hour: Menon

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New Delhi, Apr 1 (ANI): National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon on Thursday said the current global trends required both India and China to work together.

Addressing a seminar on "India and China: Public Diplomacy, Building Understanding," organised to mark the 60th anniversary of the Indo-China diplomatic ties, Menon said the global trend towards multi-polarity and a more even distribution of power, has been accelerated by the recent global economic crisis.

While the immediate financial aspects of the crisis may have been addressed, its structural causes in terms of global imbalances remain unsolved, he added.

"Both the trend towards multi-polarity and the financial crisis have actually increased the opportunity and need for India and China to work together on global issues," Menon said.

"Our experience suggests that there is space in Asia and the world for both India and China to grow and develop, and for us to do so in a way that is mutually reinforcing, if we both wish it," he added.

Menon expressed confidence that both India and China have the experience and ability to continue to manage the relationship successfully.

In his address, Menon recalled that the rapid recognition and early establishment of diplomatic relations between India and China saying it had special significance.

"Asia was taking charge of its own destiny again, and intended to do so on its own terms. That was a moment of promise, a declaration of intent by the two most populous nations on earth, conscious of the role that they had played in history, and aware of the vast gap between their past glory and present condition," he said.

Menon said there is common ground for both India and China on the issue of combating terrorism and extremism.

"In the immediate region in which both countries are located, Asia, as well, there is common ground between India and China on combating terrorism and extremism, enhancing maritime security, and on the need for a peaceful environment to permit the domestic transformation of the two countries," Menon said.

"While there may be differences in method and choice of tools, in most cases there is a marked similarity of goals," he added.

Menon further elaborated that naturally, the bilateral modus vivendi, which has been in place for some time, may need to be reworked periodically in the light of developments of both countries.

He said whether India and China can work together to help to manage the complicated regional security environment in Asia is looming large.

Menon said India's preference for open security architecture and the sort of multi-polarity that China too has advocated previously for global issues, and from which we have both benefited in the recent past.

"To do so, India, China and other rising Asian powers must be willing and capable of contributing to global public goods in terms of security, growth and stability that the region and world require," Menon said. (ANI)

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