Special Holi celebrations at Guwahati's Kamakhya Temple

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Guwahati, Mar. 31 (ANI): Thousands of devotees from across the country gathered at Guwahati's Kamakhya Temple to celebrate a special Holi festival.

The festival is celebrated on the full moon day after the Navratri to please Goddess Kamakhya, the consort of Lord Shiva.

Devotees offer prayers to the Goddess Kamakhya, smear colour on each other and sing devotional songs in praise of the goddess.

As a part of celebrations, the idol of the goddess is taken from the altar and carried in a palanquin to the nearby Bogola Temple.

After worshiping the goddess there, the devotees bring back the idol to its place.

"The idol of the goddess is worshipped in a temple nearby and after the worship rituals are finished there, the idol is brought back here. This is the Goddess' Holi," said Sobha Kant Dobey, a tourist from Bihar.

The celebrations this year took place on a rainy day, which saw the devotees celebrating with great gusto.

"This is Mother's power that it is her Holi today and it is raining as well. That's why we believe in religion," said Manik Deori, a priest.

The priests who participate in this festival are not allowed to eat outside the temple for 15 days.

It is only after the Holi celebrations that priests are permitted to eat at their homes. (ANI)

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