Sale of new innovative ear warmers shoots up in Srinagar

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Srinagar, Dec 21 (ANI): The sale of new innovative ear warmers has shot up in Srinagar as the chilly winters continuing on Monday and the mercury further dipping below zero degree.

In beautiful designs and warm fabric, these ear warmers, also called kanpati locally, are being sold in every nook and corner and everybody is keen to buy it.

"The new brand (ear warmer) is very advantageous to us Kashmiri). Those who go to work early in the morning by car or bike face chilling cold - they face lots of problems and some of them catch cold. Now, that problem has been taken care of by this." said Omar, a resident.

These warmers are mostly being sold by the vendors who are making a good living out of this business.

"This item has come to market this year. Winter here is very cold that is why people are using it. It is made of wool and keeps ears warm. It is available in the market and demand is also very high. People like it." said Javed, ear warmer seller.

The sale is increasing day by day and people are purchasing them in large numbers, with an aim to protect their ear from harsh winters.

The minimum temperature in winter in some parts of the state falls to -20 0C. (ANI)

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