A commercial film on specially-abled people made by specially-abled

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Chennai, Dec 5 (ANI): A commercial film based on the romances and the tribulations of the specially-abled made exclusively by a specially-abled crew, will soon see the light of the day in Chennai.

The Tamil-language film, titled 'Maa', is a love story.

The unique thing about the film is that not just its cast, but the entire crew of the film were specially-abled.

TMN Deepak, who played the protagonist, felt the film validated the talents and skills of everyone involved in it, their disabilities notwithstanding.

"I feel extremely happy. In fact, the entire crew and the cast feel extremely happy to be associated in such a project, which is historical in nature; and the very important thing about it is it has now brought out the inherent talent of disabled people in every single work in the project," said Deepak.

Deepak hopes that the film will be able to successfully portray that apart from their personal physical challenges, there is another facet to the lives of specially-abled people. "I think the perception of the community in general would change after this movie hits. Like 'Taare Zameen Par' (a Bollywood film) changed a lot of the perception of the disabled people," said Deepak.

Producer Madan Gabriel hopes that the rest of society recognises that specially-abled people have as much talent as anybody else.

"It is a commercial film. It is going to be released. But it's news for the universe what disability also can do. They are also having lots of talents in their hearts, in their body, in their gestures and everything. They are capable of doing everything. So, this film will give a lesson to the government and to the society that they are capable in that also," said Gabriel.

The director of the film, Fathima, called the shots from her wheelchair while the hero of the film walked with the help of crutches.

Cinematographer Rama Rao lost his right leg in an unfortunate accident while the film's music director, Gideon Karthik, is visually challenged.

The only three people who were not specially-abled were the two heroines and the producer of the film.

Even the spot boys, drivers, cooks and every person involved in the film in any capacity were specially-abled.

The shooting was recently finished in Madurai and is slated for release on February 14, 2010. (ANI)

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