'Bionic eye' restores partial vision in Brit man

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London, Nov 27 (ANI): A Brit man, who began losing his sight in his 20s, has had his vision partially restored with the help of a 'bionic' eye.

Peter Lane, 51, who is one of the first people in the world to be fitted with the implant, can now read short words.

Lane is one of the 32 people taking part in an international trial conducted by Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

According to the scientists, implant uses a camera mounted on a pair of glasses to send wireless signals direct to the nerves, which control sight.

The brain is then able to 'decode' the image. The device allows him to see the outline of objects as a series of dots of lights.

"I can see the outline of objects like the door frame or furniture although not details. I can make out letters though," the Sun quoted Lane as saying.

"It was an amazing feeling after not being able to see anything to be seeing letters and words on a special screen. I was there reading dad, mat, cat.

"I'm just reading small words at the moment and they try us with smaller letters each time. It's a start and they've said they'll get me a screen so I can read at home. I'm hoping I'll be able to read letters I get by myself," he added.

Medics are now arranging for him to have a special projector and screen which will enlarge his letters to allow him to read his own mail for the first time in years. (ANI)

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