Pashupatinath attacks do not affect Nepali students in Varanasi

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Varanasi, Sep 19 (ANI): The attacks on Indian priests of Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu failed to disturb the relationship between Nepali and Indian students studying at a temple in Varanasi.

The Nepali students said that they are not concerned about such matters as they are of a political nature. They say their work is just to learn and not be involved in other considerations.

"We are not much concerned about the incident. All of us here study together, be it Indians or Nepalis or anyone, without any differences. Our work is to learn. We do not even know much about it. These are political matters and politics does not concern us much,' said Medini Prasad, a Nepali student.

Classes are going on as usual, with the temple reverberating with chants and recitations of shlokas, rhymed poetic verse from Hindu religious texts.

Acharya Limbanath, head priest, Nepali Temple, said that there are historical ties between India and Nepal, and these should be respected. And as far as the attacks are concerned they are works of miscreants.

"Indians and Nepalis share solidarity and brotherhood since times immemorial. It is just some miscreants that exist everywhere, who want to create trouble for their own benefit,' he said.

Teknath Upadhyay, Nepali Priest, felicitated by the temple authorities recently said that, they were respected in India and the Nepal government and people should follow the example.

"They should give respect to all the priests despite any considerations of who they are or where they are. They should give them respect like we are given in India. Even the priests there should be shown respect by the government as well as the people of Nepal," he added.

Two Indian priests in the Pashupatinath temple were beaten up by Maoists on September 4, demanding important religious jobs be given to Nepalis.

For centuries, the priests of the Pashupatinath Temple were picked by shrine authorities from among high-caste Hindus in India, with the consent of the king of Nepal.

Since Nepal abolished the monarchy and became a republic last year, the government has taken over the task. (ANI)

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