Saya Date of Pune has a date with film production

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Pune, Sep 14 (ANI): Saya Date, a teenage girl from Pune has scripted, directed and produced a 50-minute video feature film.

'On The Other Line,' an English language film based on the darker side of social networking websites, depicts the dangerous consequences of excessive Internet chatting.

Saya and her friends used the streets of Pune and their homes as location so as to lower the cost of production, which was a mere 5,000 rupees .

Saya, who has not received professional training, used handycam and battery operated lights for shooting and editing was carried out on a PC.

"When I was ten years old a camera was gifted to me on my birthday and I used to record my friends and family and compile them on the software. My family used to praise that and me is how my interest developed in this field. This is my second film for which I have written the script," said Saya Date.

Saya's mom, who has media background, taught her the basics of editing and camerawork."She has an interest in so many things, she is very hard working. Once she puts her mind into something nothing can stop her. So when she got a camera I taught her little bit of basic editing in Windows Media Maker. She developed the skill by making different movies for the family, school, teachers and projects. She developed this skill on her own," said Reeta Date.

Rashmi, who plays the lead role in the film, says it was very hard to portray the character named 'Trisha.'

"I have never taken acting seriously though I have participated in the school plays for four years after which I completely stopped acting. I have helped Saya a lot in writing the script, so while writing I found lots in common with the character. We did not have much choice for the auditions as everybody was mostly trying out for the other character Alisha. Not many people were ready to try out for the role of Trisha because it is not an easy role to play," said Rashmi.

'On The Other Line' was premiered at the city's National Film Archives auditorium on Sunday. (ANI)

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