Abandoned by children, inmates of an old-age perform 'Shraadh' in Bhopal

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Bhopal, Sep.10 (ANI): Abandoned by their own children, many elderly people at an old-age home in Bhopal, performed 'Shraadh' for themselves during the ongoing 'Pitrapaksha'.

As per Hindu tradition, one's children or family members perform the Shraadh, the ritual of remembering the deceased.

These elderly inmates took the unusual step, as they realised there was no one in their families to perform this ritual.

"They (children) will not do the salvation ritual for us after our death. We are doing it for ourselves. If today they are treating us in this manner, we don't know what they will do after our death. What can we say?... There is no one to see us. There is no one to listen to our plight... We will die like this here one day," said Murari Lal Saxena, inmate of Anand Dham old-age-home.

By performing their own 'shraadh' rituals, the elderly said they were preparing for their next life.

Parmanad Agrawal, whose family members have died, said in this age and time he couldn't trust his relatives to do 'Shraadh' for him.

"I'm doing my own salvation ritual. So that I don't suffer in my next life," said Parmanad Agrawal, an inmate of Anand Dham, the old age home.

Meanwhile, the in-charge of the old-age home Madhuri Mishra said that the inmates did the rituals out of a sense of compulsion.

"All elderly members were worried and in a sad mood. They said since their children have left them in an old age home then why not do their own post-death ritual even if they were still alive. This will leave no burden on their sons after their death. The elderly performed the rituals in the early morning," said Madhuri Mishra, In-charge, Anand Dham Old-Age-Home.

Hindus believe in reincarnation, or in the cycle of birth. They believe that the body changes with every birth but the soul remains the same.

According to the Hindu philosophy, this birth and death cycle can be broken and the soul can be liberated by performing "Pind Daan" (rituals for dead).

During 'Pitrapaksha', children perform the ceremony and pray that the souls of their ancestors should rest in peace. By Ram Chand Sahu(ANI)

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