Demand for private detectives on increase in Ludhiana

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Ludhiana, Aug.25 (ANI): There is an unprecedented surge in the demand for private detectives in Ludhiana, which has created an excellent business opportunity for the detective agencies who promise people an in-depth information about just anything.

Private detective agencies are mushrooming, as they offer services to investigate domestic, corporate and criminal cases.

As the number of fraudulent marriages by NRIs goes up in Punjab, parents of would-be brides are hiring detectives before giving the final nod.

The agency operators also help in doing character verification or knowing various other personal things related to boy or girl to be married. It also includes checking the family's social reputation and background, information on employment, status of the would-be NRI groom as well.

These people carry out their activities under secret surveillance.

The charges for investigative work start from 160 dollars and can go up according to the status of the client and the person under surveillance. It also depends upon the expectation of the clients from investigative matter or case.

"The cases mostly include the investigation by a wife of her husband and vice-versa and even the parents hire us for investigation of their children. We assure our clients that their information will be confidential. But if something happens against the law or according to our Indian constitution, we can inform the Police about it," said Mansingh Rana, Owner of Kaushik Detective Service.

"Some matrimonial cases also come to us. We checked the information given by the boy who says that he has come from a foreign country for a month's time and he is working as an engineer there. To find out the reliability of the information given by the boy we contacted our sister concerns in the foreign countries and came to know that the boy is working as an ordinary labour there," Rana added.

In many cases, where people demand documentary evidence such as photographs, the rate goes up further. For premarital investigations, people from various villages and urban areas approach these agencies for a background check of the groom.

45-year-old Sandeep Kumar is in a dilemma. He runs hosiery business in partnership in Ludhiana and looks after sales while his partner deals with purchase of raw materials and production. Currently, his company is not doing well.

The profits have been going down despite good sale orders, and Sandeep now wants this investigated by a private detective agency.

"Earlier our business was flourishing. But, despite getting good sale orders our profit has been declining. I have a doubt that my business partner, who in my absence, do some fraud. I have come to take the help of a detective agency to investigate my case. I just want know the reason of loss in my business, said Sandeep.

With many individuals adopting fraudulent means to get things done, becoming a victim of some scam are increasing. And, there is no option but to rely on private detectives. By Karan Kapoor (ANI)

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