University of Uttarakhand develops seeds of silver carp fishes

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Pant Nagar (Uttarakhand), Aug 12 (ANI): The GB Pant University of Agriculture has developed seeds of high quality silver carp fishes, which can help in cleaning ponds and other water bodies in Uttarakhand.

These fishes are being breed at college of fisheries of the University to produce high quality silver carp eggs.

Selected few fishes are kept in clean water tanks of the hatching centre and are feed high content protein diet. Their condition is monitored every 15 days. After that fishes are kept in a conditional tank. These fishes are injected with GNRH hormone and then left in a breeding pool.

"Silver carp is a high quality foreign fish that grows quickly. Its main work is to control algae in ponds and lakes.

Stocking of silver carp is being done to control algae in ponds and lakes," said Dr. Ashutosh Mishra, hatching centre in-charge, college of fisheries, GB Pant University of Agriculture.

These fishes are also being supplied to fishery business. Silver carp fishes can grow to over 18 kg.

"We supply fish eggs to people involved in the business of fishery so that they can obtain high produce.

With the help of silver carp, fish produce in the country has considerably increased. Presently, fish produce is 7 million metric tons and silver carp has an important role in this," said Dr. A P Sharma, Dean, College of Fisheries, GB Pant University of Agriculture.

Silver carps are used as the live and effective medium to control water quality especially in the checking of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) because of their plankton-feeding habits. By Vipul Goel (ANI)

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