Election defeat does not deter Fernandes, ready for many more battles

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New Delhi, June 28 (ANI): Former Defence Minister and Janata Dal (United) party founder George Fernandes, who has been known for his resilience throughout his political journey, says that in battles, a loss does not matter and it was the fight itself that has always been more important for him.

Fernandes, who contested in the recent parliamentary elections as an independent from Muzaffarpur, says his defeat does not deter him for from continuing to fight against, corruption, poverty and all forms of injustice to build a more transparent, compassionate and equal society, where the self if forgotten and the country comes first.

Writing in the latest issue of the 'Other Side", he says, "There are many battles that still remain to be fought."

Janata Dal (U) party did not give him a ticket and says many of his old colleagues, whom he had nurtured, did not support him. George Fernandes says he received 'tremendous love and support' from the people of Muzaffarpur during the campaign. There were large crowds who attended the meetings.

But, as he did not have a strong party machinery "the overwhelming affection of people in village after village did not translate into votes."

While complimenting Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for the creditable performance of the JD (U) in the elections, he forewarned him against 'continuing arrogance' towards stalwart socialist colleagues in Bihar.

"Bihar's JD (U) gave a creditable election result. However, Nitish Kumar should be forewarned that his continuing arrogance towards stalwart socialist colleagues in Bihar and his recent back-door machinations with the Congress will result in a Congress revival in Bihar sooner rather than later. His victory was more due to the people's desire to keep Lalu Prasad Yadav away than any great lead in development as is made out," Fernandes stated.

Fernandes writes that his long-standing relationship with the people of Bihar, particularly with the people of Muzaffarpur and Nalanda nurtured over the past many years, would continue.

"My doors will always be open for them and for all those who are needy and seeking justice, from all over the country. I would like to believe that those currently in power in Bihar and at the centre will deal fairly and expeditiously with any problems of the people that I may raise with them as I have done for the past 50 years", Fernandes wrote in his column in "The Other side."

Fernandes accepts the election result with no regrets because his fights have always been for democratic values and for the causes of the poor and underprivileged.

"I don't see it as my loss. This time it was also a fight for the right values, which should be practised by those whom I helped to attain power in Bihar. I do not believe they are wiling to improve yet. It may take some more time for them to learn that real power remains only when politics is backed with moral character, courage, and democratic functioning," he states.

George Fernandes promises to remain active to fight corruption, poverty and all forms of injustice. "There are many battles that still remain to be fought," he concludes. (ANI)

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