BJP should give up Hindhutva: MG Vaidya

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New Delhi, Jun 15: MG Vaidya, a top Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideologue has accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of failing 'Hindutva' by being 'inconsistent" on the ideology.

"The BJP has failed to convey the real meaning of 'Hindutva' to the people (in the recent elections). Probably, they thought they were not deemed to climb the pedestal of power with 'Hindutva' line. Hence, BJP should now disassociate itself with 'Hindutva'," Vaidya wrote in a column for the Marathi daily Tarun Bharat.

He recalled that in 1984 poll debacle, the party had raised the issue of Hindutva and had come closer to power. But the party failed to sustain it because the leaders had no patience and conveniently forgot Hindutva's basic principles.

Vaidya also warned the party of the consequences that come with cutting the ties with the ideology. "If the BJP gives up Hindutva, it will automatically snap its umbilical cord with the Sangh." Vaidya wrote.

Vaidya's philippic is seen to have grown out of recent events like LK Advani's aide, Sudheendra Kulkarni questioning RSS's influence on Hindus, and Jaswant Singh's recent comment that BJP needed to update itself.

Reacting to this, BJP president Rajnath Singh on Sunday, Jun 14 said he would forever remain 'wedded to Hindutva'.

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