Congress' victory, credit to Sonia's inner voice

By: Harikrishnan P V
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It is very much relevant to do a post mortem on the amazing victory of Congress and the pathetic defeat of BJP in the Indian Lok Sabha polls 2009.

Nobody expected that Congress will bag over 200 seats on its own and cross 260 with its allies. All political Pundits and Sephologists were predicting highly fractured result on 16 May 2009, the day of counting.

But Saturday, May 16 became a 'black Saturday' for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with astonishing victory for Congress.

UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi once again made it clear that she is not in race for the PM post of India. Earlier while releasing the Congress parties election manifesto, Ms Gandhi had made her point clear that Manmohan Singh is the Prime Ministerial candidate of Congress. This cleared a long standing doubt in the minds of many Indians who are not happy to see a foreigner as India's Prime Minister. This worked and converted into votes.

During 2004 elections Congress never was not ready to project any particular leader as their Prime Ministerial candidate and the doubt continued till Sonia Gandhi announced her decision "I-will-not-be-your-prime minister" at a meeting of Congress MPs, former MPs and other leaders in the Central Hall of Parliament on 18 May 2004 evening.

Revealing it at the last moment was a major mistake done by Sonia and Congress during 2004 elections. They rectified that error and gained the results in 2009.

In the speech made in the Central Hall of Parliament on 18 May, 2004 Sonia Gandhi said, "I was always certain that if ever I found myself in the position that I am in today, I would follow my own inner voice." And the decision to depute Manmohan Singh for the key post was after listening her inner voice.

Unlike 2004, Congress' decision to make it clear about the prospective Prime Minister's name was a successful game. Even though that was not a well thought of attempt from the side of Congress. Many Indians were having a doubt that since it is second time Sonia will be ready to take over the Prime Ministership of India.

If Congress was not ready to reveal the name of their prospective Prime Minister the party wouldn't have achieved this victory.

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