Jaya Ho! Amar Singh not to resign

By: Rajesh Krishna
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The curtains fell on the 15th Lok Sabha polls after introducing to the nation the resounding victory of UPA.

 It's jai ho for Manmohan Singh. Its jai ho for Sonia Gandhi. Its jai ho Rahul Gandhi, for sure.

But shifting the spotlight to Samajwadi Party, it can be said that it is 'JAYA HO' for its general secy Amar Singh.

Expressing happiness at his party"s Rampur sitting MP Jaya Prada retaining her seat, the SP leader said, “Her victory is a slap on the face of those people, who indulged in cheap tactics and those who don"t respect women. I am more happy than Jaya Prada on her victory."

Singh was indirectly referring to his party colleague Azam Khan"s anti-Jaya Prada campaign in Rampur during the run-up to the elections to the Lok Sabha.

Amar Singh threatens to quit SP

Locked in a bitter tussle with party colleague Azam Khan, SP leader Amar Singh has said earlier promised to resign from active politics after the the Lok Sabha elections . It was Amar Singh who took Jayaprada Samajwadi and gifted Rampur seat from where she was elected in 2004 and 2009.

 Amar Singh is now mum on his promise. Earlier he had sited some 'kidney problems' for his decision to retire from politics. But it seems that his 'kidney problem' is now sorted out.

There is nothing shocking in and surprising in it . The politicians in India break their promises because the public here tolerates dishonesty.

But I thought Amar Singh was little different. The only difference was that he has been a little more candid about the nature of his politics. He was frank enough enough to disclose his relationship with corporate men and bollywood. "If Amitabh and Anil Ambani are my friends, why should I hide it from the world? If I play Holi with Shilpa Shetty, why should I be ashamed of it!" he said once.

The Samajwadi party leader has few compunctions of being identified with a corporate group, but the fact is that there are many more of our politicians who are also batting for specific business interests, only they will not admit as much in public.

Forget it guys! In the muck of Indian politics, there are no Mahatmas left any more. Politics has  become one of the best industries to make money, name and fame... and what not.

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