Cong snatches BJP's vote share in Guj, Raj

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Gujarat, May 18: Since 2004, Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) vote share in Gujarat has declined drastically.In the year 2004, Narendra Modi had assumed one of the lead campaigners for BJP and projected as the party's prime ministerial aspirant for 15th Lok Sabha polls 2009. The party considered Modi has the top leader but it actually lost vote share in his state only.

The huge changes that has taken place between the Congress and BJP in the last five years is that Congress has gained over 2 pc in vote share in Gujarat to reach 28.6 pc while the BJP had gone down to almost 3.5 pc to reach 18.8 pc. The gap between these two parties has almost reached to 10pc.

In Uttar Pradesh , the Congress has hiked its votes share to 18.3 pc when compared to last time of 12 pc while the BJP had dropped from 22.2pc to 17.5pc of vote share. Like the parties SP had actually lost 3.4pc and the BSP has gained 2.7pc. The results show that the BSP is the lead of 27.4pc to the SP's of 23.3pc.

The BJP in Rajasthan has almost lost vote share of 12.4pc coming down to 36.6pc and the Congress gained a vote share of 5.8pc to reach 47.2pc. These results shows the situations has almost reversed in state from five years ago. Raj Thackeray's Maharashtra Navanirnam Sena (MNS) in Maharashtra did enough damage to the opposition especially Shiv Sena .The impact was much greater as MNS's vote share gained over 4pc in the state splitting the votes of both Shiv Sena and BJP, and in a way leading to Congress' whooping victory.

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