Dussehri mangoes taste 'sour' in Uttar Pradesh

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Malihabad (Uttar Pradesh), May 14 (ANI): Farmers of Malihabad of Uttar Pradesh are worried as mango production has hit a record low due to bad weather and pest attacks.

Malihabad, which is globally acclaimed for producing the yummy and exotic varieties of Dussehri, is expected to produce merely 10,000 MT-compared to 29,000 MT last year.

Mango, often known as the 'King of Fruits', requires lot of care and investment and many farmers borrow money on interest from local sources and private financers.

With low production this year, the clouds of uncertain future surrounded the farmers of Malihabad, where 85 per cent of the population are mango growers.

"We borrowed money for the upkeep of this orchard thinking that we would return after selling our produce. Now the production is very meager. We don't know how we would return our borrowed money and meet our expenses," said Madhu Rani, a mango grower.

Indian mangoes, which account for 60 per cent of the world's production, are in great demand. But exporters are yet to tap the global market potential. India produces mangoes worth over 160 million dollars a year.

"Here 90 per cent of orchards are unable even to return our investment. The production is low. I fear that farmers may follow the steps of cotton farmers," said Kalimullah Khan, another mango grower.

It may be recalled that across India's sprawling western and southern plateau, where the black soil has been most favourable for cotton, more than 3,600 farmers were driven to suicide after heavy losses. By Kamna Mathur (ANI)

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