River Ganga, turns to a swimming pool

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Varanasi, Apr 27: With water level low in Ganga River in Varanasi, it is being used as a swimming pool by the children.

Small children are being given training in swimming on the banks of Ganga instead of an artificial swimming pool.

Ajit Yadav, a trainer said that training in River Ganga would prove more beneficial and fruitful for the students as compared to the training given in artificial swimming pools.

"In River Ganga, the training for swimming is given in such a way so that the person can survive in any uncertain condition in a natural way. Whereas in swimming pools, there is an artificial compound where a particular child has to swim within a limited area. Confidence level of a person does not open up as well," said Yadav.

Indians treat River Ganga holy and it is believed to be the mother of all rivers.

Children claim to feel safe while learning swimming in the lap of their mother.

Sonali Chatterjee, who is learning swimming on the banks of Ganga said that the training in the banks of Ganga is a must for today's generation.

"We don't receive proper training in the swimming pools as compared to the training given in near the banks of River Ganga. Nowadays, most of the accidents happen near these banks only so I think today's generation should learn swimming near the banks instead of the swimming pools," said hatterjee.

The concept of swimming pools in India has been adopted from the Western and European culture which according to our climate and culture is not at all beneficial.


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