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Manmohan's 'back door' bid to become PM

Written by: Rajesh Krishna

Prime Minister is afraid to face the people and choose 'back door' to enter Parliament. Defence Minister who ensures the safety of people also chooses the 'back door' to enter Parliament. It happens only in India, the biggest democracy in the world.

It is ridiculous that the Indian people have no choice in selection of Prime Minister, Defence Minister and home minister as all they used the back door to enter the Parliament.

General Elections 2009

And now, Manmohan Singh has decided to keep off from general elections, well it means if UPA comes power after the Lok Sabha polls, Mr Singh will again choose 'back door' to enter Parliament.

Mr Singh is the only Indian Prime Minister who has never been elected to the Lok Sabha, the Lower House of Parliament. He has been a member of the Rajya Sabha (that too from Assam!) ever since 1991.

He has been exercising vast powers as Prime Minister without even bothering to get a popular mandate from the common people by contesting for the Lok Sabha elections.

Its a shame to note that Prime Minister is still afraid to face the people even after leading the county for the the past five years. The opposition leader LK Advani has challenged Manmohan Singh to contest in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

He should have accepted the challenge and should have proved his acceptance among the people from any of the constituency.

Mr Singh ruled India for the past 5 years and it makes sense for him to go to the public and sell his government"s achievements. Mr Singh has done a better job as PM and can win from one of the many “Congress" constituencies across India if winning the elections is a concern.

He continues to maintain a very clean image and has never been involved in corruption. Mr Singh entering the fray will boost the morale of party cadres and instill confidence among other Congress candidates. He should actually lead Congress"s re-election campaign. It was his government after all.

The Prime Minister of India is one of the important posts in the country and anyone who is willing to become that by choice or default or by party"s choice must win the general elections or else she or he should not accept the post.

In UK, which is considered as the mother of all Parliaments, it is a well-established convention in the UK that the Prime Minister should get elected to the 'House of Commons', which reflected the public opinion more truly and faithfully than the House of Lords. Indian Constitution should amend in such way that only Lok Sabha member can become the Prime Minister of the country.

An unelected man sitting in India's most coveted post is indeed a disgrace to this nation, it is the brutal murder of Indian democracy, planned, plotted and organised and launched by Indian National Congress (INC), the grand old party of India.

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