Chris Jericho says his 'bitch slap' to Rourke will be heard round the world

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New York, March 21 (ANI): Real-life wrestler Chris Jericho has said that he will give 'The Wrestler' Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke the bitch slap that will be heard "round the world", when the latter attends this year's Wrestlemania.

"I will get out of the ring, walk over to Mickey, and slap him in the face," the New York Daily News quoted Jericho as saying.

Rourke fuelled the feud with the two-time world heavyweight champ at the SAG Awards, by boasting that he could kick the WWE superstar's butt.

The Hollywood star has plans to attend the 25th anniversary event April 5 at Reliant Stadium in Houston to support wrestler pals Jimmy Snuka, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and Ricky Steamboat.

"If Mickey isn't sitting in the front row, I'll go to the bar or the bathroom, wherever, and find him and slap him across the face," Jericho said.

"I think he's going to stand there and take it. I'll hand him the microphone and he's going to apologize, and I'll just keep smacking him in the face until he gets the hint," he added.

Even though Jericho himself wants to try his luck in acting, he insists that his anger stems from seeing someone go outside what he knows.

"I appreciate Mickey's talent as an actor, and that's why I think he's an inspiration and a mentor in a lot of ways," he said.

"It's Mickey as a person I have a problem with. He blurred the line between fantasy and reality. There's a big difference with playing a wrestler and actually being one. Mickey has been asking for this for years," he added.

Rourke's management team was unavailable for comment. (ANI)

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