Cows too are music savvy!

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Ghatsila (Jharkhand), Mar 20: A farm in Ghatsila town in Jharkhand devised a unique way of milking cows by playing music in the shed as the farm officials believe that the cows yield more milk while listening to music.

The farm has a stable with over 80 cows. These cows are made to listen bhajans and soft music.

Channel music system is fitted around the stable and since its installation the cows are giving 220 litres of milk per day to the previous yield of 175-180 litres with an estimated increase of six to seven per cent.

Ranjit Middha, a caretaker of the cowshed said: "Making these cows listen to music helps yielding more milk and this also makes their mind fresh,"

According to veterinary doctor Maneek Palit, cows respond to pleasant auditory environment by producing more milk and music has an effect of alleviating stress and relaxing the animals which resulted in greater milk yields.

"This is true. Lot of research has been done on farm animals regarding this concept. Through music there is a lot of change in their state of mind and creating restless animals become stable after listening to such music, "said Dr Palit.

This adds to evidence that calming music reduces stress in animals, as well as people.


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