Cong leads in Delhi, Rajasthan and Mizoram

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BJP     142
CONG   70
BSP         7
Others  11
Awaited  0


BJP       50
CONG   38
BSP        2
Others   0
Awaited 0

DELHI - 69/69

BJP     23
BSP      2
Others 2
Awaited 0

RAJASTHAN - 200/200

CONG   99
BJP       74
BSP        7
Others  20
Awaited  0

MIZORAM - 39/40

CONG  30
MNF       4
BJP        0
Others   5
Awaited 1

High lights of the State Poll results

Congress leads in three states, BJP ahead in two

Sheila Dikshit (Cong) defeats Vijay Jolly (BJP) by a margin of 14, 078 votes

Vasundhara Raje wins Jhalarapatan by a margin of over 32,000 votes

Mizo CM Zoramthanga concedes defeat, to tender resignation

Uma Bharti loses from in Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh.

MP CM Shivraj Chouhan wins in Budhni by 40,000 votes
3:05 PM 08/12/08

Congress leads in Mizoram with 27 seats; 8 more results awaited

Nobody can deny people's verdict: Vasundhara Raje

BJP leads in MP with 134 seats; Cong at 65

Chauhan the man of choice in MP

Final tally: Delhi - Cong 40, BJP 24, Others 5

Final tally: Chhattisgarh - BJP 45, Cong 40, Others 5

Final tally: Rajasthan - Cong 96, BJP 78, Others 26
02:25 PM 08/12/08

In Chhattisgarh BJP wins 46 seats

Congress wins in Delhi, Rajasthan

Cong wins 95 seats in Rajasthan; BJP trails at 80

BJP wins 129 seats in MP; Cong way behind with 70

Congress stays ahead in Mizoram with 23 seats
01:40 PM 08/12/08

Congress wins 37 seats; stays ahead of BJP in Delhi

Congress wins 94 seats in Rajasthan

BJP steams ahead in MP with 123 seats

BJP leads in Chhattisgarh with 45 seats

Fault lies in candidate selection: BJP

Cong leads with 19 seats in Mizoram

Party high command to decide CM: Gehlot
12:40 PM 08/12/08

Thanks to people of Delhi: Sheila Dikshit

We were banking on anti-incumbency in MP: Congress

Congress gets 89 seats, BJP 79 in Rajasthan

Congress gets 34 seats, BJP 29 in Delhi

BJP gets121 seats, set to win in MP

BJP 43, Cong 41 in Chhattisgarh
12:00 PM 08/12/08

Congress leads by 10 seats in Trans-Yamuna

Vote share of BJP exceeds that of Cong in Delhi

BJP leading in Madhya Pradesh

Cong leading in Rajasthan

Cong leads over BJP in Delhi

BJP pulls ahead of Congress in Chhattisgarh

A time to smile: Gehlot

Congress set to win in Mizoram
11:40 AM 08/12/08

In Chhattisgarh BJP takes a lead over Congress

Congress set to retain Delhi

No influence of Mumbai: Sheila Dikshit

Congress to be single largest party in Rajasthan

Can get 2/3rd majority: Ashok Gehlot

Cong set to win Delhi

BJP set to win in Madhya Pradesh

Harshvardhan trailing in Delhi

BJP leading in Madhya Pradesh
10:54 AM 08/12/08

Huge lead for Cong in Rajasthan

Congress takes lead over MNF in Mizoram

Congress maintains lead over BJP in Delhi

Congress set to win in Rajasthan

Cong's Amod Kanth trailing in Delhi

CM Sheila Dikshit leading in Delhi

BJP edges ahead of Cong in Chhattisgarh

Cong increases lead over BJP in Delhi

Cong increases lead over BJP in Delhi

BJP over half-way mark in MP

Knew Raje's rule will end: Ashok Gehlot

Congress ahead of MNF in Mizoram
10:26 AM 08/12/08

BJP leading over Cong in MP; We will cross 120 seats: Ashok Gehlot

BJP leading in Outer Delhi

Cong leading in Trans-Yamuna

Substantial lead for Cong in Rajasthan

BJP leading in MP

Congress set to win in Rajasthan

Congress slightly ahead of MNF in Mizoram

Congress, BJP neck-to-neck in Chattisgarh, BJP leading over Congress in MP

Congress leading over BJP in Delhi, slightly ahead of MNF in Mizoram

Congress leads in Delhi, Rajasthan, Mizoram; BJP leads in Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh

09:50 AM 08/12/08

Congress set to form Government in Delhi

4:56 PM 08/12/2008

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