Rebecca Loos would rather bed Dannii Minogue than Cheryl Cole

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London, Dec 5 : Spanish-born English model Rebecca Loos has revealed that she does not fancy Brit singer Cheryl Cole, but would not mind shagging Aussie singer Dannii Minogue.

Loos, who had made claims of an affair with footie ace David Beckham, and had been nicknamed as the Sleazy Senorita, showed her bisexual urges by saying that Minogue is more "shaggable".

"I don't fancy Cheryl. She's not my type. I go for more masculine women, not so much into their looks and make-up," the Sun quoted her as telling Zoo magazine.

"Having said that, I sometimes like girlie girls, but she's too girlie. And too skinny. You can see the bones in her back.

"Dannii's more shaggable. Cheryl's beautiful but I'd rather take Dannii to bed!" she added.

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