Population growth in Pakistan is higher than India: UN report

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Patna, Nov 13 (UNI) When population control was top on the government agenda in almost every country worldwide, in Pakistan the growth in population was higher than most other countries including India since 2005, a United Nations report has revealed.

The demographic indicators in the recently published United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA) report has revealed that in Pakistan the average annual rate of population growth since 2005 was found to be 1.8 per cent, while in India it was marginally less at 1.5 per cent during the same period like rest of the world.

The prevailing fertility rate of every woman in Pakistan was also found to be much higher (3.46 per cent) compared to India (2.78 per cent) and elsewhere in the world.

However,in terms of continent,the average growth of population was highest in Africa where it was expected to remain at 2.3 per cent per annum till 2010.

On the contrary the average population in Europe was projected to remain stagnant during the period between 2005-2010 when it was expected to remain zero per cent. This has made the continent having the lowest fertility rate.

In Latin America,Caribbean and the Oceania the average growth in population during the period would be 1.2 per cent,in Arab states it would be two per cent and in Asia it would be 1.1 per cent,the report said.

In terms of the demographic projections on the issue,as found in the report,the total fertility rate was highest in Africa,followed by the Arab states in the Middle East,Latin America,the Caribbeans, Asia and the Oceania.The cycle of fertility per woman in Europe stood at 1.45, the report said.

In African continent the current cycle of fertlity in every woman was 4.63,while in Arab states it was 3.3, in Latin America and Caribbean they were 2.35 each, in Asia 2.33 and in Oceania it was 2.29.the report added.


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