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Obama snubs India; 'no-call' to Manmohan

Written by: Staff

New Delhi, Nov 10: Didn't the Indo-US Nuclear deal bring the two countries closer? Manmohan Singh asserted some days ago that India and US are 'natural allies'... So, what happened to the impending call by Obama to Manmohan Singh?

It diid not come through... Yes, the customary call by US President-elect is yet to ring in the office of Manmohan Singh. The 15 calls to various US allies or 'world leaders' were made on Friday, Nov 7 itself.... but India sure was not in that list. Some officals are quick to point out that Manmohan Singh was on a official trip to Qatar and Oman. "We should also give benefit of doubt to Obama. He may be doing things at his own pace. All the calls he has made to are his military allies", says former US Ambassador Lalit Mansingh

While the others wonder, was it Manmohan Singh's fault? Yes, as the Govt deliberately omitted to publish the whole letter which Obama had written about his views on Indo-US Nuclear deal. The supposed paragraph included a ban on the nuclear tests through the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and halt fissile material production by India.

'The no-call' has further rankled India, as Obama spoke to our neighbouring Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari for 20 minutes. Of the call to Mr Zardari, an official in New Delhi said, "We should be quite relieved we are not in the same crisis league, right?" He added: "It is better to suffer from US inattention than US attention."

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