Traffic and stress, culprits of techie suicides

Written by: Ashwini Anish
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Bangalore, Nov 5: Off late, suicide of IT professionals have been on a rise. The main reason for the suicides have been stated to be 'stress'. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, at least 35 in every 100,000 people in Bangalore commit suicide. On an average ten patients are treated daily from IT and BPO sector in hospitals.

"Earlier this was not the issue, the stress levels were less. But now-a-days, employees especially of IT and BPO sectors undergo higher stress levels. Counselling is a remedy for such people. A stressed out person feeling suicidal can be brought out from such a situation by counselling for just half an hour," says Dr Anthony, Psychiatrist of National Clinic.

When one is feeling suicidal, the best way to come out of it is to speak to their kins, adds Dr Anthony.

It is also startling to know that traffic also adds to the stress of employees. People after working for more than 8 hrs travel for more number of hrs. This will add up to the stress level.

Global economic crisis has also been a reason for suicides. After layoffs, the company has few employees on hand to complete the project within the stipulated time. So, the company pressurises the existing employees towards more output. In service sector IT companies, companies sign 24/7 contract with the client companies. In 24/7 contract, employees are expected to work 24/7 on contract basis which is very taxing.

"Personal problems also might add up to the stress and makes them feel suicidal. If one of the employees is doing well, an inferiority complex might get developed in another employee leading to frustration. This frustration will inturn lead to stress and then, suicide feeling," said Sunish, a senior software engineer.

To avoid such suicidal feeling, one can take a break from work, go for an outing, spend time with the family, listen to music and devote time on such recreation also, he adds.

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