Brit woman pays 10,000 to hear her cat meow again!

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London, Oct 6 : A Brit woman didn't mind spending a whopping 10,000 pounds on her pet cat in order to hear her meow again.

Jean Kelly realized that something was wrong with her 13-year-old pet cat Cadbury, when he all of a sudden stopped meowing.

It was during a visit to the vet that Kelly came to know that her pet was suffering from a throat disease.

Cadbury had to go through two operations in order to regain his voice, which cost 5000 pounds - six days in oxygen tent and four months nursing care and regular check ups all this came up to 10,000 pounds.

"It was never about me - it was about Cadbury and his quality of life. I know he's not a young cat but I wanted to give him a fighting chance," the Telegraph quoted Kelly, as telling a Sunday newspaper.

Kelly's insurance company Petplan paid 6,000 pounds of the costs, but she has been left to fork out the remaining 4,000 pounds. She has even put a planned holiday to Namibia on hold to pay for Cadbury's treatment.

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