Voodooism may be the mantra to banish your day-to-day demons!

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Melbourne, Sept 23 : Aussies have come up with a unique way to fight their day-to-day demons - voodoo.

According to tourism officials, Australian visitors to African countries are increasingly turning to voodoo - even if they sometimes won't admit it - as a way to beat problems they think western-style experts can't solve.

Some countries have even turned voodoo into a tourist attraction.

"Westerners are increasingly interested in voodoo," theage.com.au quoted Jacob Limikpo, president of the fetish market in Lome, capital of the West African nation of Togo, as saying.

"I think it's part of a growing fascination with the supernatural," Jacob said.

"Real voodoo is much more gentle and caring - it's a religion. But, of course, it can include the casting of spells," he added.

The dim shop where people sit is filled with the skins, skulls and bones of monkeys, crocodiles and other wild creatures. Many organs or other body parts are ground into powders or preserved as liquid potions.

Across the border from Togo is Benin, regarded as the heartland of voodoo.

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