Pammie has a bone to pick with KFC

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Sydney, June 16 : Pamela Anderson has taken on fast food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for the way its suppliers treat chickens.

The former 'Baywatch' babe teamed up with animal rights group PETA and shot off a letter to KFC Managing Director in the UK Martin Shuker.

In it, Pammie wrote just why she's so angry with KFC, reports

She wrote: "My friends at PETA Europe and I have a bone to pick with KFC over the treatment of birds on your supplier's factory farms."

"Chickens are bred to grow so quickly they can barely walk and they stew in their own waste for their entire lives. This is Colonel Sanders' real 'secret recipe'. At slaughter, these poor animals are still conscious when they are snapped into metal shackles, often with broken legs.

"They are shocked in an electrified water bath and many are still fully conscious when their necks are sliced open. Some are even burned to death in the scalding tank for feather removal."

In the letter the actress also referred to how KFC in Canada have changed their policies since getting a similar letter from her.

She wrote: "Last week, KFC Canada agreed to improve living and dying conditions for chickens and to add a vegetarian faux chicken to their menu in all their biggest markets, representing about eighty per cent of Canadian KFCs. Won't you follow their lead?

"Until I hear from PETA that you will be agreeing to make changes similar to those agreed to by KFC Canada - and recommended by KFC's own animal welfare advisors - I will be boycotting KFC and encouraging everyone to watch my video expose at"

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