Archeologists unearth edifice of the Mughal era

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Agra, June 16 : The Archeological Survey of India has unearthed an edifice built during the Mughal period in the course of renovation of the historical buildings adjacent to the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Agra has a numerous historical buildings belonging to Mughal era.

One of them is the palace of Mughal courtier Khan-e-Alam which has been in oblivion till it was unearthed recently by archeologists.

According to the historical accounts Khan-e-Alam was a Mughal courtier who probably witnessed much of the reign of Mughal emperors Jahangir and his son Shah Jahan.

According to the Archeologists, the discovery has facilitated more information about the splendid era of the Mughals.

"The historical accounts of the period tell us that when Khan-E-Alam stayed in Agra he made this place his residence," said D.N.Dimri, superintending archeologist, Archeological Survey of India.

Khan-e-Alam's importance in the Mughal court can be gauged not only by the grand edifice but also by the fact that Jahangir had deputed him as Mughal envoy to the Persian royal court.

The palace which was believed to be house of the courtesans who entertained the Mughal ruler Shah Jahan during luncheons hosted in the palace.

The discovery of few graves having bodies of male members among the 13 graves in the forecourt of the palace has also dismissed this belief that the edifice was the residence of the female courtesans.

"So far as my knowledge goes the graves belong to the family of Khan-e-Alam. We heard that in the graves only females are buried and these were courtesans but excavation has proved that there are graves of male members too," said Dimri.

The palace has many resembling features with other buildings of the Mughal period.

The water works of the palace is similar to the ones used in other buildings of the Mughal era.

The excavations are on and the toiling archeologists are expecting a lot to come to light.

The Mughal emperors, who ruled India for more than 300 hundred years were keen builders with great aesthetic tastes which got epitomized in the dream marble monument, the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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