Python feasts on a fawn at Tirupati zoo

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Hyderabad, May 29 : Residents of Tirupati often make a beeline for the Venkateshwara Zoological Park to have a look at the flora and fauna.

But on May 15, shortly after the day broke, a nine-foot long python made a surprise appearance in the park and headed for the deer enclosure. hocked and petrified, deer scattered in all directions and managed to save their lives, but a six-month-old fawn was not so lucky .It was easy prey for the reptile.

Zookeepers spotted the python in bloated form and caught hold of it. They transferred it to a gunny bag and released it into the jungle.

Now only 70 deer are left in the park.

Pythons can live without food for six long months at a stretch after one deer meal

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