'Homeocare' for children in Chandigarh

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By Sunil Sharma

Chandigarh, May 26 : 'HomeoCare', a super-specialty clinic, helps to remove the root cause of illness, rather than give a temporary solution. The treatment is given through play and fun.

"A child is exposed to a different kind of stimulus like fear. Here, we create some sort of fear. What is the reaction of the child? Every child has a different reaction to the same stimulus. This reaction is noted and that is the real man inside a child. Some stimuli when exposed react in a different way that is the heart of our therapy," said Dr. Muktinder Singh, a homeopath.

'HomeoCare' for children is the brainchild of Dr. Praveen Jain, a homeopath, who believes that by observing a child's reactions to the stimuli around him, it becomes easier to relate to him and hence treatment also becomes easier.

"At this clinic, we stress more upon the kids cases and we have specializations. Otherwise, homeopathy is capable of handling every case, including cancer," says Dr. Muktinder Singh.

In Punjab, super-specialty centers exist in Chandigarh and Ludhiana.

Clinics like 'Homeocare' are winning the confidence of patients who are looking for alternative medicine.

Homeopathy is committed to fight various disorders and bring patients to the mainstream of a healthy life.

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