Return land to farmers immediately: Mamata

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Singur, May 25: Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee today urged the Hooghly district administration to return the 400-acre land that had been "forcefully acquired by the government" to its owners. Speaking at the second anniversary of the Singur Krishi Jami Raksha Committee's movement (which began on May 25, 2006), Ms Banerjee claimed that the Panchayat elections have ''proven once and for all that the people of the land have gone against the government's move to forcefully acquire land for industrialisation'' and pleaded before the district administration to return the 400 acres of land to its rightful owners.

The symbolic public meeting was being held in Singur's Kamarkundu, less than three kms from the Tata Motors project. ''Imposing IPC Section 144 and sending a large police force to forcefully acquire land has not been taken well by the people of this land and that has been proven by our victory in the panchayat elections here,'' she said and added that if the district administration had any respect for democracy they would immediately return the 400 acres of land to their owners.

She further said that she would hold a meeting here on June 14, which would be attended by all Trinamool workers and another at Nandigram on May 31 to strengthen their movement against the "government's non-democratic policies".

She, meanwhile, urged the administration to take any decision relating to Singur in the block itself, instead of the district headquaters to avoid ignoring the consensus of the people of the block. While saying this, she expressed apprehension that since the CPI(M) had won in the rest of Hooghly district, there was a possibility that the administration may take all decisions pertaining to the district's development, including that of Singur, at the district headquaters itself.


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