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BJP emerges as single largest party in Karnataka

Written by: Staff

Bangalore, May 25: Counting commenced at 0800 hrs today for the 224-member Karnataka Assembly for which elections were held in three phases amidst tight security arrangements. The State witnessed 64.72 per cent polling in the current elections sealing the fate of 2241 candidates, which included 108 women. The final results were expected to be announced by 1500 hrs.

With security on high-alert and special forces called in, Karnataka is witnessing a history in the making. Will it be a hung Assembly again or a clear majority to one single party.... Be it Cong, BJP or JD-S. Read all about Karnataka Assembly polls here

Following is the poll trail as and when it happens...

Lead Position: BJP-112, Cong- 77, JD(S)- 28, Others - 7

Declared: BJP - 110, Cong- 80, JD(S)- 28, Others - 6

Elected Candidates:

B S Yeddyurappa (BJP) declared elected in Shikaripura defeating S Bangarappa (SP) by a margin of 45927 votes.

Prakash Hukkeri (INC) declared elected in Chikkodi-Sadalga defeating Ramesh C Jigajinigi (BJP) by a margin of 24070 votes.

R Ashoka (BJP) declared elected in Padmanabhanagara defeating Prasadbabu (JDS) by a margin of 31276 votes.

Malreddy (INC) was declared elected from Yadgir defeating his nearest rival Virabasana Gouda (BJP) by a margin of 4583.

B Chinchimsor (INC) was declared elected from Gurmitkal defeating Najana Gouda by a margin of 9202 votes.

KCC President Mallikarjun Kharge (INC) was declared elected from Chithapur defeating Valmiki Naik (BJP) by a margin of 17,546 votes

Revunayak was declared elected from Gulbarga Rural by a margin of 17051 defeating Chandrika Parameswar (INC).

Qumaral Islam (INC) was declared elected from Gulbarga north by a margin of 15024 votes defeating B G Patil (BJP).

Shankaralinge Gowda (BJP) was declared elected from Chamaraja defeating Vasu (INC) by a margin of 9130 votes.

K Venkatesh (INC) was declared elected from Priyapatna defeating K Mahadeva (JD-S) BY A MARGIN OF 924 VOTES.

M Satyanarayana (INC) was declared elected from Chamundeswari defeating D T Jayakumar (BSP) by a margin of 14,303 votes.

Chkkanna (INC) was declared elected from H D Kote defeating K Chikkaveranayaka (BJP) by a margin of 12,542 votes.

Siddu Savadi (BJP) was declared elected from Terdal defeating Umashree (INC) by a margin of 12,244 votes. new seat.

K M Shivalinge Gowda (JDS) declared elected from Arsikere defeating G V Siddapopa (INC) by a margin of 34,226 votes.

Satish Reddy (BJP) declared elected in Bommanahalli defeating Kupendra Reddy D (INC) by a margin of 13640 votes

P M Narendra Swamy (Ind) declared elected in Malavalli defeating Dr Annadani (JDS) by a margin of 11919 votes.

N S Nandisha Reddy (BJP) declared elected from Krishnarajapuram Defeating A Krishnappa (INC) by a margin of 9770 votes.

Tanveer Sait (INC) declared elected fromm Narasimharaja defeating his nearest rival S Nagaraju (JD-S) by a margin of 6685.

Ramesh Bandisiddegowda (JDS) declared elected from Srirangapatna defeating Ambareesh (INC) by a margin of 5144 votes.

Haladi Srinivas Shetty (BJP) declared elected in Kundapura defeating K Jayaprakash Hegde (INC) by a margin of 25083 votes.

V Muniyappa (INC) declared elected in Sidlaghatta defeating M Rajanna (JDS) by a margin of 6502 votes.

K Lakshminarayan (BJP) declared elected in Byndur defeating K Gopal Poojari (INC) by a margin of 7970 votes.

C S Puttaraju (JDS) declared elected from Melkote defeating K S Puttanniah (Sarvodaya Karnataka Party) by a margin of 11884 votes.

C B Suresh Babu (JDS) declared elected from Chiknayakanahalli defeating K S Kiran Kumar (BJP) by a margin of 29044 votes.

S P Mahesh (JD-S) was declared elected from K R Nagara defeating H Vishwanath (INC) by a margin of 20548 votes.

H S Mahadev Prasad (INC) was declared elected from Gundlpet defeating C S Niranjan Kumar (BJP) by a margin of 2203.

T B Jayachandra (INC) declared elected from Sira defeating B Satynayarayana (JDS) by a margin of 26496 votes.

Tanveer Sait (INC) declared elected from Narasimharaja defeating Sandesh Nagaraj (JDS) by a margin of 685 votes.

Varthur Prakash (Ind) was declared elected from Kolar defeating K Srinivas Gowda (INC) by a margin of 21,029 votes.

G K Venkata Shivareddy (JDS) declared elected from Srinivaspur defeating former speaker K R Rameshkumar (INC) by a margin of 3669 votes.

A Manju (INC) declared elected from Arkalgud defeating A T Ramaswamy (JDS) by a margin of 9040 votes.

M S Siddaraju (JDS) declared elected from Maddur defeating D C Thammanna (INC) by a margin of 7599 votes.

Eswara Bhimanna Khandre (INC) declared elected from Bhalki defeating Prakash Khandre (BJP) by a margin of 20,971 votes.

K B Chandrasekhar (INC) declared elected from K R Pet defeating Krishna (JDS) by a margin of 3016 votes.

B N Bachhegowda (BJP) was declared elected from Hoskote defeating his nearest rival M T B Nagaraj (INC) by a margin of 3878.

G Shivanna (BJP) was declared elected from Renebennur defeating his nearest rival Koliwad Krishnappa (INC) by a margin of 2732 votes.

Krishnaiah Shetty (BJP) was declared elected from Malur defeating his nearest rival R Prabhakar (JD-S) by a margin of 52401.

K.G.Bopaiah (BJP) was declared elected from Virajpet defeating his nearest rival Veena Achaiah(INC) by a margin of 4985 votes.

K Vasantha Bangera (INC) declared elected from Belthangady defeating his nearest rival K Prabhakara Bangera (BJP) by a margin of 16103 votes. Congress wrests the seat

H D Revanna (JD-S) was declared elected from Holenarasipura defeating his nearest rival S G Anupama (INC) by a margin of 27606. JD-S retains the seat.

E Gulagannavar (BJP) was declared elected from Yelaburga defeating Basavaraja Rayaraddi (INC) by a margin of 29,781 votes.

Umesh Vishwanath Katti (JDS) was declared elected from Hukkeri defeating his nearest rival Appaya Gowda (INC) by a margin of 17392. JD(S).

S Muniraju (BJP) declared elected from Dasarahalli defeating K C Ashok (INC) by a margin of 22155 votes

Lalji R Mendon (BJP) declared elected from Kaup defeating Vasant V Salian(INC) by a margin of 967 votes.

H C Balakrishna (JDS) declared elected from Magadi defeating P Nagarajulu (BJP) by a margin of 24919 votes
Former Minsiter C M Udasi (BJP) declared elected from Hangal defeating former Deputy Speaker Manohar Tahsildar (INC) by a margin of 5410 votes.

Thippeswamy (BJP) declared elected from Challakere defeating Shashikumar (INC) by a margin of 289 votes. BJP wrests the seat.

B C Patil (INC) declared elected from Hirekerur defeating U B Banakar (IND) by a margin of 3113 votes.

Chandrakanth Bellad (BJP) declared elected from Hubli Dharwad West defeating Jabbar Khan Honnali (INC) by a margin of 33347 votes.

Gurupadappa Nagamarapalli(INC) declared elected from Bidar defeating Rahim Khan (BSP) by a margin of 2930 votes.

C G Patil (BJP) declared elected from Nargund defeating B R Yavgal(IND) by a margin of 17614 votes.

M Krishnappa (BJP) declared elected from Bangalore South defeating Sadananda M (INC) by a margin of 34135 votes.

Former Deputy Chief Minister Siddaramaiah (INC) wins Varuna seat.

B Nagendra (BJP) declared elected from Kudligi defeating S Vishwanath (INC) by a margin of 8757 votes.

K Raghupathy Bhat (BJP) declared elected from Udupi defeating Pramod Madhwaraj (INC) by a margin of 2662 votes.

N Dharam Singh (INC) was defeated by Doddappa Gowda (BJP) in Jewargi by a margin of 52 votes.

G Somasekhara Reddy (BJP) declared elected from Bellary City defeating Anil H Lad (INC) by a margin of 1022 votes.

Mallika Prasada (BJ) declared elected from Puttur defeating B Jagannath Shetty (INC) by a margin of 1425 votes.

Former Karnataka Chief Minister N Dharam Singh (INC) is defeated in Jewargi.

M P Renukacharya (BJP) declared elected from Honnali defeating B D G Shantangowda (INC) by a margin of 6386 votes.

N Yogesh Bhat (BJ) declared elected from Mangalore City (South) defeating Ivan D'souza (INC) by a margin of 8760 votes. BJP retains seat.

B Ramanath Rai (INC) declared elected from Bantwa defeating former Minsiter B Nagaraja Shetty (BJP) by a margin of 1251 votes. INC wrests seat from BJP.

Sunil V Hegde (JD-S) declared elected fromm Haliyal defeating his nearest rival R V Deshpande (INC) by a margin of 5425 votes.

S R Vishwanath (BJP) declared elected from Yelahanka defeting B Chandrappa (INC) by a margin of 16022 votes.

S A Raveendranath (BJP) declared elected from Davangere North defeating B M Sathish (JDS) by a margin of 53661 votes.

V Ramachandra (INC) declared elected from Jagalur (ST) defeating H P Rajesh(BJP) by a margin of 257 votes.

C P Yogeshwar (INC) declared elected from Channapatna defeating M C Aswath (JDS) by a margin of 4930 votes.

R B Patil (INC) declared elected from Humnabad defeating Subash Kallur (BJP) by a margin of 21,736 votes.

Shobha Kharandlaje (BJP) declared elected from Yeswanthpur defeating S T Somasekhar (INC) by a margin of 1082 votes.

K Premaraj Naik (BJP) declared elected from Hagari Bommanahalli defeating his nearest rival L B P Bheema Naik (JD-S) by a margin of 27291 votes.

Basavaraj Bommai (BJP) defeates his neares rival Kadri Syed Azeem Peer Syed Kadar Basha (INC) by a margin of 5091 votes in Shigaon.

H Gopal Bhandari (INC) defeated his nearest rival V Sunil Kumar(BJP) from Karkala by a margin of 1537

Appachu Ranjan (BJP) declared elected from Madikeri defeating B A Jivijaya (INC) by a margin of 6585 voters.

J Krishna Palemar (BJP) declared elected defeating B A Mohiuddin Bava (INC) by a margin of 14426 votes in Mangalore City (North).

Former Deputy Chief Minister M P Prakash (INC) was defeated by G Karunakara Reddy (BJP) from Horapanahalli by a margin of over 16,000 votes.

Suresh Gouda Patil (BJP) defeats s Basavaraj (INC) by a margin of 4823 from Byadagi.

A Narayanaswamy (BJP) was declared elected from Anekal defeating his nearest rival B Gopal of (INC) by a margin of 9862 votes.

H D Kumaraswamy (JD-S) was declared elected from Ramanagaram defeating his nearest rival M Rudresh (INC) by a margin of 47,260.

Arvind Nimbavali (BJP) was declared elected from Mahadevapura defeating his nearest rival B Shivanna (INC) by a margin 13,358 votes.

Chandra Naik (BJP) was declared elected from Hadagali defeating his nearest rival P T Parameshwar Naik (INC) by a margin 6518 votes.

Anand Singh (BJP) was declared elected from Vijayanagara defeating his nearest rival by H R Gaviappa (INC) by a margin of 26,697 votes

Thuka Ram (INC) was declared elected from Sandur (ST) defeating his nearest rival by T Nagaraj (BJP) by a margin 2719 votes

J D Naik (INC) declared elected from Bhatkal defeating his nearest rival by Shivananda N Naik (BJP) by a margin of 12,166 votes

T H Suresh Babu (BJP) was declared elected from Kampli (ST) defeating his nearest rival sanna Hanumakka (INC) by a margin 22,336 votes.

S Angara (BJP) was declared elected from Sullia defeating his nearest rival Dr B Raghu(INC) by a margin 4321 votes.

Former Minister B Sreeramulu (BJP) was declared elected from Bellary Rural(ST) defeating his nearest rival B Ramprasad (INC) by a margin 25716 votes.

11:44 AM 5/25/2008

Leading positions: 224/224
BJP - 110
Cong - 71
JD-S- 34

11:32 AM 5/25/2008

- BJP set to form Govt in Karnataka with absolute majority

Leading positions: 223/224
BJP - 114
Cong - 67
JD-S- 34

HK Patil loses

- Opposition leader in the Karnataka Legislative Council H K Patil (INC) trailing by over 9000 votes over his nearest rival Sreeshyalappa Bidanur in Gadag after five rounds.

- M S Somalingappa of BJP was declared elected from Siruguppa defeating his nearest rival by B M Nagaraj (INC) by a margin 4824 votes. BJP retains the seat

- Governor should call us to form govt: BJP

- BJP confident of clear majority.

11:13 AM 5/25/2008

Leading positions: 222/224
BJP - 108
Cong - 71
JD-S- 36
Others- 7

11:02 AM 5/25/2008

- Celebrations and sweets distruibuton begin in Karnataka as BJP surges ahead

- BJP to form ful-fledged Govt for the first time in South India

- BJP crosses 100 mark, emerges as single largest party

10:52 AM 5/25/2008

Leading positions: 219/224
BJP - 108
Cong - 68
JD-S- 38
Others- 6

- Don't want to shake hands with Cong or BJP: HDK

- BJP will reach 120 seats: BJP spokesperson- Javdekar

10:44 AM 5/25/2008

Leading positions: 218/224
BJP - 102
Cong - 70
JD-S- 40
Others- 6

10:32 AM 5/25/2008

Leading positions: 217/224
BJP - 100
Cong - 73
JD-S- 38
Others- 6

10:20 AM 5/25/2008

Leading positions: 212/224
BJP - 99
Cong - 71
JD-S- 36
Others- 6

10:12 AM 5/25/2008

- Karnataka party position during previous (2004) elections

BJP- 79
Congress- 65
JD(S)- 58

- BJP's Yeddiyurappa leading by 11,000 votes

Leading positions: 206/224
BJP - 92
Cong - 73
JD-S- 36
Others- 6

10:04 AM 5/25/2008

Leading positions: 195/224

BJP - 88
Cong - 71
JD-S- 31
Others- 6

9:56 AM 5/25/2008

- Yeddiyurappa leading in Shikaripura (Shimoga)

- Most sitting MLAs fail to live upto the mark

- JD-S losing in Hyderabad Karnataka

- JD-S losing out on muslim votes

- Cong leads in Karwar.

- BJP's BS Yediyurappa leading.

- Congress leading in Gundlupet.

- BJP ahead in Hosakote.

- BJP ahead in Tumkur city.

9:54 AM 5/25/2008

Leading positions: 187/224

BJP -85

Congress - 70
JD-S- 27
Others - 5
9:49 AM 5/25/2008

- BJP likely to reach 100 mark

- JD-S lagging behind

- Congress looking at getting 100 seats

- BJP ahead in Hosakote.

- BJP ahead in Tumkur city.

- BJP leads in Haveri.

- BJP ahead in Maski.

- Actress Umashree, cong candidate leads in Tardul (Bagalkot).
9:46 AM 5/25/2008

Leading positions: 173/224

BJP - 80
Congress - 65
JD-S - 22
Others - 6
9:39 AM 5/25/2008

-As the first leads emerge BJP leading

- BJP leading in Bangalore, Central Karnataka

- BJP surges ahead of Congress

- BJP headed to become single largest party
9:35 AM 5/25/2008

Leading positions: 164/224

BJP- 82

Cong - 61
JD-S - 71
Others - 4
9:30 AM 5/25/2008

- BJP leads in Bommanhalli.

- Roshan Baig (Cong) leads in Shivajinagar.

- Cong ahead in Karwar.

- Cong leads in Bagalkot.
9:27 AM 5/25/2008

- BJP ahead in Central Karntaka.

- SS Kulkarni (BJP) leads in Jamkhandi.

- BJP leading in Chickpet.

- BJP leading in Yelahanka.

- BJP ahead in Kapu.

- BSP leading in Davanegre North.

- Cong ahead of BJP in Badami.

- BJP ahead in Virajpet.
9:14 AM 5/25/2008

Leading positions: 95/224

Cong - 43 (+8)

BJP - 56 (+5)
JD-S - 13 (-5)
Others - 1 (-8)
9:12 AM 5/25/2008

BJP- 45
Congress- 39
JD-S - 10
Others- 1
9:05 AM 5/25/2008

- The early polls trail shows neck-on-neck fight between BJP and Congress
9:02 AM 5/25/2008

- HD Kumaraswamy leading in Ramanagaram.

- BJP leading in Mangalore City.

- BJP leading in Bangalore South.

- BJP leading in Mudhol.

- Congress leading in Dasarahalli.

- Congress leading in Malur

- BJP leading in Udupi.

-Counting for 224 assembly elections begins

-Results likely to be out by 15:00 hours
8:56 AM 5/25/2008

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