David Bowie and Paul Weller bury the hatchet

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London, May 22 : English musician David Bowie and English singer-songwriter Paul Weller have finally decided to bury the hatchet and end their long-standing feud.

The feud between the two had started when Jam legend Weller, who turns 50 on May 25, branded Bowie's music "pish" when asked about the singer's lifetime achievement award at The Brits.

"Wrong! I like about three records of his. The rest of it's pish," the Sun quoted Weller as having said about Bowie's songs.

Both singers would have continued with the stand off, if Weller had not made an about turn and praised 'The Thin White Duke' singer in a magazine interview.

After Bowie read the article, he sent Weller a grateful email and the feud between them vaporized.

However the row about who stole whose hairstyle is still on, and Bowie just could not resist making a cheeky dig at the Modfather's infamous hairstyle. The Starman is said to have attached a picture of himself from back in the day with a Weller-style mop, ear defenders and all.

"Nice one, Paul. Can I have my haircut back now?" the Sun quoted Bowie as having written on the back of the picture.

"Weller has had some public digs at Bowie in the past. But it takes a big man to say you called it wrong so it was good of him to say he was a reformed Bowie fan," a source said.

"Bowie appreciated it so sent him the email. But he couldn't resist a gentle poke about his hair.

"He sent a pic of himself from the 1960s on a record sleeve. Paul might be better known for the cut but Bowie wanted to point out he was there first," the source added.

According to what Weller revealed in this month's Mojo magazine, he has been listening to Bowie while recording his epic new album 22 Dreams, to be released on June 2.

"I'm a born-again Bowie freak! The next time he sees me I'll have a f****** great Aladdin Sane flash on me boat race," Weller said.

"Every night we'd drive home to London after recording and have Ziggy Stardust on five or six times.

"Low's one of my favourite records anyway. Whatever gripes I've had about Bowie in the past, Low's been a constant since I bought it in 1977," he added.

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