New pics reveal how boob jobs have left Jordan scarred for life

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London, May 18 : Her obsession with boob jobs has left a deep scar, quite literally, on Katie Price a.k.a Jordon.

New shocking photos have surfaced that show ugly scars caused by glamour girl Jordan's worrying obsession with boob operations.

A ridge of dark, lumpy tissue cuts a deep swathe down the lower half of her 32D breasts-evidence of the damage caused by four ops.

And -as Jordan reveals she's lining up a fifth boob job in August-Harley Street plastic surgeon Alex Karidis warned the silicone queen had gone too far.

"Some would say she's butchered herself for fame and fortune," News of the World quoted Karidis, as saying.

"If she came to me tomorrow looking for unnecessary surgery I would frankly turn her down," he added.

The top doc spoke out after seeing the results of her fourth boob op in December-to shrink her famous 32FF chest to a more manageable 32D.

As Jordan sunbathes topless in Sydney, Australia, a circle of stitches can be seen around her right nipple with the telltale dark, swollen scar running down from it.

Karidis said: "It's not the result the surgeon will have been looking for. The nipple's been moved upwards a full inch. It looks like some of the old nipple's been left behind. There's no question it's been caused by the uplift (breast reduction)."

He added: "As these scars were only made in December, she should not be out topless in the sun-it will only make the scars darker and lumpier."

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