Everest aspirant sells eggs in Kolkata

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Kolkata, May 16 : A girl with a keen interest in mountaineering in Kolkata, sells eggs so that she can earn enough money to fund her expedition to Mt. Everest.

25-year-old mountaineer Tusi Das sells eggs at Dumdum Park market to gather money to realise her dream.

The only obstacle on Tusi's way to Mt. Everest is her poverty. However, she is determined not to allow poverty to cut short her dream.

She lost her father when she was just ten years old. As the elder child of the family, she had to struggle to make both ends meet. But, she still manages to save some money to fulfil her dream.

"My dream is to become a mountaineer. A person who wants to become a mountaineer needs to stay in the mountains all the time. But, I am in a situation that I cannot stay in the mountains for a year because of financial problem, as I need to take care of household expenditure. I am trying my best to fulfil my dream," said Tusi.

Tusi sets out for Dumdum Park market early in the morning. She sells egg till one O'clock in the afternoon. She goes for mountaineering practice in the afternoon and again returns to the shop in the evening. Fellow shopkeepers always inspire Tusi and help her in all possible ways.

Tusi made her foray into the world of climbing at the early age of six years. It all started with a rock climbing competition. She made a good start in rock climbing. She has successfully climbed artificial rocks in Delhi, Kolkata and Pune.

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