Reel life rubs off on Kim Cattrall's real life

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London, May 15 : It seems that Sex And The City star Kim Cattrall's man-eater and toyboy obsessed character of Samantha Jones has even rubbed off on her personal life.

The 51-year-old has revealed that it is not only in the scripts of the series that she has toyboy lovers, but also in real life.

She has been dating Canadian chef Alan Wyse, two decades her junior, since 2004, and believes that real life has started to imitate what was going on with the storyline for Samantha.

"In some insane way real life started to imitate what was going on with the storyline for Samantha," The Sun quoted her, as saying.

Cattrall has her own startling interpretation of her character's final dramatic sexual encounter with on-off lover Richard Wright, while her new toyboy partner Smith Jerrod waited for her outside.

"Samantha was in what I thought was a very unhealthy and abusive relationship with Richard," she said.

"I just kept saying, 'How much longer can she, as smart and fabulous as she is, come back to this?'

"That scene where Smith's waiting for her outside the elevator after this very personal sexual rape by Richard - even when we were filming it felt like a rape - and she comes down and he's waiting there for her . . .

"It's not about her being a certain age, or Smith being a certain age, it's an understanding between them, a love between them, and a desire for both of them to be together.

"When I started dating my younger man I first of all felt very much like Samantha. I think a lot of women feel it, what can I talk about?

"How is this going to work? But that has never been a problem.

"He has different energy levels than I do, God knows, and he's at a different point in his life. But there is so much common ground with what we have together.

"I'm very glad I got over the ageism. A lot of women of a certain age accuse other people of ageism but I had been perpetuating it on myself. I'm a product of that society as well," she added.

Cattrall is proud of her character's achievements but is mindful of the pitfalls of promiscuity.

"Definitely use contraception. Definite. I also think that one of the reasons why the show, and this particular character, burst out was because we had gone through 20 years of an AIDS epidemic," she said.

"There was so much fear related to being openly and aggressively sexual. I think it took a long time.

"I don't happen to think it is a masculine thing, I think it's very feminine, but I think for so many hundreds of years you had to be a good girl. Take a woman like Cleopatra. Through history she's got a really bad rap too, because you can either be a whore or a nun.

"You have to be a bad girl or a good girl. To be human, and have human desires in a public way is a scary thing.

"Samantha, she's Aphrodite. She loves them and leaves them. She has no guilt about her desires.

"If I'm associated with sexuality until the day I die I'll be happy - because I intend to be sexual until the day I die," she added.

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