2 out of 3 Brit men fancy Victoria Beckham

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London, May 15 : Victoria Beckham sure is the 'dream' girl for a majority of Britons, at least that's what a new poll suggests.

According to a new poll, conducted by The Sun, two out of three straight men fancy Posh Spice.

Only 35 per cent of those who took part in the online poll said they didn't fancy her, reports The Sun.

Some of her posted their comments, for instance - Diskox posted: "I think Posh always looks amazing. Any bloke that doesn't fancy her must be mad!"

BigGunBrazil added: "Don't believe it Posh! I'm certainly not gay and I fancy you. I think you're great. Send me your number when you're tired of Becksy. We can get it on. You can pay for dinner though!"

But Aitchf disagreed. He said: "She looks like a drag queen."

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