Dancing cop of Patna

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By Ajay Kumar

Patna, May 13 : Amidst busy traffic that is always in hurry stands out traffic policeman Prem Kumar Singh also own as 'dancing cop' for his swaying and swinging actions as he guides and controls the traffic in Patna.

Standing at one of the busiest intersections in the city, Singh moves his hands in a rhythmic style as he directs the traffic.

The sight of Singh swaying his hands in a lyrical manner breaks the monotony on the roads and captivates the attention of the passersby compelling them to stop and look at the 'dancing cop'.

"His style of guiding the traffic is very different. It compels us to stop and watch him for sometime," said Amar Kumar, a resident.

Singh has become popular in the city for his unique style of guiding the traffic, but contrary to the general belief, Singh says the dancing action comes to him naturally while he is engrossed in his work.

"I get so engrossed in my work of guiding the traffic that I don't even realise that I'm swaying and swinging while directing the traffic. The pressure is also very high at times on this busy intersection so I have to be quick in giving the signals to the traffickers," said Singh.

Singh's style is well appreciated by the people and as for himself it adds an element of fun in his usual mundane routine and also entertains the people on the street.

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