Levi Strauss' 'back-flipping jeans clip' - the latest rage on YouTube

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Washington, May 11 : The latest video scoring viral gold on YouTube is of a handful of agile hipsters effortlessly hopping, leaping and even back-flipping into their 'Levi Strauss' jeans.

On the video sharing website, amateur clips of friends performing stunts are common enough, but this video is the work of professionals.

And Erica Archambault, head of public relations of the jeans brand confirmed that the company is behind the viral video.

"We didn't want to overtly brand it as Levi's. We wanted people to discover it on their own," Wired News quoted Archambault, as saying.

The acrobatic "Guys backflip into jeans" video was created to promote Levi's line of zipperless, button-fly jeans.

First uploaded on May 5, the video has clocked a staggering 1.4 million views this week, garnering it YouTube's coveted "most viewed" spot.

Levi Strauss worked with San Francisco-based advertising company Cutwater to produce the video, which was shot in March.

The amusing, eye-popping stunts seen in the two-minute short were done by a troupe of performers who relied on their break-dancing skills to catapult themselves into the jeans.

Archambault insists no special trickery was used during shooting. Each performer wore silk boxers and used heavily starched jeans to help complete the trick.

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