Smuggling on Indo-Nepal border at Gorakhpur

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Gorakhpur, May 8: Smuggling has been on the increase on the 'No Man's Land' along with Indo-Nepal border at Gorakhpur. Smugglers are using bamboo and rope bridges along the No Man's Land, which has become a safe haven for regular transactions. These bamboo bridges have been set up by the smugglers who roam freely in an around the border areas smuggling illegal products in bicycles and motor cycles.

"Inspite of constant attempt of the media to stop smuggling, the activities of smuggling still continues here. They commute crossing the river across the bridges. They are freely moving through these bridges. There are over 4 to 5 bicycles moving across the bridges per day and with the convenience of mobile phones it has made smuggling simpler for the smugglers,' said Salim, a resident. People belonging to extremist groups along with smugglers from Nepal have taken of the area. Goods including cement, sugar, rice and petroleum are stocked during the day and carried across at night.

However, what astonishes one is that the top brass of the border security is feigning. "We've got this news from the media. We're investigating on the matter those security personnel involved in this act will be punish immediately to set an example among other personnel of the force and put an end to this illegal act," said Vinod Nayk, Deputy Inspector General of Sashastra Sema Bal.


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